Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Toric Lens Implant Blurry Vision

Question: I had cataract surgery and a toric lens implant inserted for correction of my astigmatism on December 11, 2014. Since then my vision is not any better for distance and is very blurry for intermediate, even worse than before my cataract and I still need readers for close up, which I was told I would still need. I feel like the wrong lens was inserted. The technicians measured my eye for the toric lens implant 4 different times! What should I do?

Answer: By now it would be expected that your vision should be stable and give you more or less the final vision correction your cataract surgery and toric lens implant will provide. However there are several considerations to note. First, you are correct that you will still need readers as toric lens implants do not correct near vision at this time-unless they are accommodating toric lens implants, and they do not correct intermediate vision either. 

But, your distance vision should be corrected quite well if your eye health is otherwise normal, the cataract surgery uneventful and the lens implant in the proper position and of the proper prescription. So, while your near and distance vision blur is not acceptable, it is the distance vision complaint that is more troubling. There are many reasons this could be occurring that may or may not be related to the lens implant itself and might be related to other factors that can only be determined by a thorough clinical exam. You should first discuss the blurry vision with your cataract surgeon and express your dissatisfaction, and give him/her a chance to examine you, explain and offer some suggestions on how to improve the vision. If the answers and course of action are acceptable then proceed. If not you may want to seek a second opinion from a cataract surgeon who is also a refractive surgeon and might have a different perspective on whether this is a refractive prescription or surgery issue to be resolved.

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