Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lens Implant Problems after LASIK

Question: I have had LASIK surgery and I was told that as a result I have 50 % chance that the lensimplant would fail in cataract surgery.  Is this true?

Answer: Having any type of eye surgery, including LASIK, can make the calculation of the lens implant powers more challenging. That said, today, in the right surgeon’s hands using the sophisticated instrumentation, imaging methods and measurement systems and calculations it is possible to reduce the margin of error considerably. Further, having access to your LASIK preoperative measurements also can help mitigate error. By using multiple measurements and calculations to recheck the lens implant calculation it is possible to really manage this to a great extent. That said, the word “fail” doesn’t really apply as what would happen is that the optical power of the lens implant would be slightly or moderately miscalculated. You would do one eye first, check the results carefully and then in the worst case if the power were VERY far off, would need to have a lens exchange. Thus, “failure” is harsh but there is a reasonable likelihood of being slightly off power. Your best bet is to seek a consultation from a LASIK Surgeon who is also a Refractive Cataract Surgeon and is thus very familiar and has access to the most advanced measurement, imaging and calculation systems and formulae.

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