Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cataract Surgery Complications Cataract Surgery

Question: My 68 year old wife has undergone her second cataract surgery in the same eye. She has had a premium lens implant exchanged for a lens implant for distance vision only but the second surgery has not relieved the holes and cloudiness in her vision. She is nervous and fears she is losing her sight. We have decided not to progress with surgery in her other eye until she shows some improvement in the operated eye. She is going through extreme stress and trauma. Please help us.

Answer:  It is impossible to say what exactly is causing the symptoms of “holes and cloudiness” after the cataract surgery and lens implant procedure. However, these are NOT normal post operative symptoms and should be investigated. You do not say and may not know whether the first cataract surgery and lens implant procedure was unremarkable or if there were any complications such as a torn lens capsule or any retinal swelling. Thus, if you cannot get a clear and easy to understand explanation from your cataract surgeon you should seek a second opinion or even a third opinion with another cataract surgeon as well as perhaps a retinal specialist. Once the cause is ascertained you can them consider whether to and when to proceed with the second eye surgery.

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