Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Slanted Vision after Cataract Surgery

Question: I have had cataract surgery and my astigmatism corrected on my right eye 4 days ago. I went to the store and everything seems distorted. For example, I went to my optometrist's office and when I looked out, the floor looked like it was leaning to the right. I went down the hall and the floor looked like it was going uphill. Went to a fast food restaurant and the table I was sitting at looked like it was slanted uphill. Could it just be my brain trying to adjust to the new lens and no astigmatism?

Answer: What you are describing sounds like an artifact of the astigmatism correction however we are not clear whether the astigmatism was corrected with a toric lens implant or in an eyeglass prescription of using Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI) as part of your cataract surgery. Slanting can occur if the method or the amount of correction is considerably different than your preoperative astigmatism, but should nonetheless become unnoticeable after a short period of time. if it does not, or if it is accompanied by floaters, flashing lights or other distortions of your vision see your cataract surgeon for follow up in short order.  

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