Friday, August 3, 2012

Pain with Toric Lens Implant

Question: I had cataract surgery with a toric lens implant on January 17, 2012. Since the surgery, I am experiencing significant pain in and around the eye that received the toric lens. Artificial tear drops provide 2 hours or less relief per application. Sometimes, the pain is very difficult to take. My ophthalmologist can find nothing wrong. The eye that received the standard lens is fine. 

Answer: Pain, six months after Cataract and Lens Implant Surgery is not typical or normal. However, in all probability the discomfort has nothing to do with the implantation of a Toric Lens Implant as compared to a Monofocal or standard Lens Implant. It is impossible to know why you have what you describe as “significant” pain from your description. If your Cataract Surgeon is not able to identify the cause of the pain and alleviate it, then you should consider scheduling a consultation with the best Cataract Surgeon you can find in your area and perhaps even one who is also a Corneal Specialist if indeed you are suspected of having some type of dry eye or ocular surface problem. 

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