Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Astigmatism & Monovision Cataract Surgery

Question: Is it necessary or important to correct astigmatism of .75 D when having cataract surgery with monovision lens implants?

Answer: There are some considerations that make the correction of small amounts of astigmatism even more important than one might think, and certainly with monovision lens implants achieving the best possible vision is one of those considerations. While the amount of .75 D might seem inconsequential, if it is oriented obliquely or vertically oriented it will cause meaningful degradation of vision that can adversely impact one's ability to achieve success with monovision lens implants after Cataract Surgery. Further, monovision lens implant success is dependent on "blur interpretation and tolerance" and leaving any amount of astigmatism has the potential to cause more difficulty in adaptation. Listen to the advice of your Cataract Surgeon and correct the astigmatism as part of your Cataract Surgery by whatever means he or she suggests.

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