Friday, August 31, 2012

Fuzzy Lens Implant Vision

Question: My cataract surgeon misunderstood what kind of vision I wished to have and my toric lens implant has reduced my distance vision in my left eye so that it is fuzzy. It was my good distance eye and I was functioning quite well seeing inside and out. Now all I see is fuzziness until I put on glasses which I was trying to avoid for most of my activities. Can this be corrected or am I stuck with this situation?

Answer: From what you describe it sounds as if your left eye may have been calculated to help you see at intermediate or near range rather than at distance. In light of the fact that you do not wish to wear glasses there are really two options to discuss with your Cataract Surgeon. If your eye health is otherwise normal and the primary Cataract Surgery and Lens Implant procedure that you had was basically uneventful, then it may possible to have a Lens Exchange, whereby the Lens Implant is removed and exchanged for one with a more appropriate power so as to correct your distance vision. Another alternative is possibly to seek the advice of a LASIK Surgeon who can tell you if it would be possible to correct the vision with a LASIK Surgery procedure so that your distance vision was crisper and clearer for you.

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