Friday, August 24, 2012

Mature Cataract Risks

Question: My mother has a mature cataract in her left eye that needs to be removed the old fashion way rather than by laser. My mother is 81 and in excellent health. What is a mature cataract and is it a more difficult case with more risk of complications. Does she need an ordinary ophthalmologist or a cataract specialist?

Answer: A mature cataract is one that is quite dense. Waiting too long for cataract surgery can result is some unintended consequences and possible risks. As a cataract matures, it does become denser and somewhat more difficult to remove. This requires more energy and may lead to prolonged inflammation or even intraoperative complications. If a patient delays cataract surgery too long the cataract to become so dense, swollen and cloudy that it causes a type of glaucoma. Cataract Surgery for a mature cataract does require a somewhat greater skill and experience however most ophthalmologists who are Cataract Surgeons are quite capable of safely performing this type of procedure.

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