Monday, August 8, 2011

Torn Lens Implant?

Question: My new lens implant is torn. I was given two different stories by my Cataract Surgeon. The first was that it was torn when it was unfolded and the second was that the technician may have torn it. This was two months ago. I was promised 20/20 vision and am far from it after using expensive eye drops 4 times each day and countless trips to the Cataract Surgeon. What should I do?

Answer: It is very difficult to offer much advice as your description of what you have been told is a bit unclear. First, it is HIGHLY unlikely that the Lens Implant is torn. While it is not impossible, it would be quite rare. If the Lens Implant was in fact torn and it was adversely impacting your vision, it is probable that the Cataract Surgeon would have recommended a Lens Implant Exchange whereby the alleged torn Lens Implant was exchanged for an intact one. What is more likely to have happened is that the capsule of the crystalline lens was torn during your Cataract Surgery. The lens capsule is the membrane that surrounds the crystalline lens where the cloudy material or the Cataract existed. The lens capsule is typically left in place and is often used to support the Lens Implant. The capsule of the crystalline lens is a very thin and delicate structure that even with the best efforts of the Cataract Surgeon can sometimes tear or become damaged. This does make the surgery more complicated and difficult but generally with proper post operative management the ultimate results can be quite good. Your best course of action is to first ask your Cataract Surgeon to clarify what exactly the situation is in terms you can understand. If you are not comfortable with the explanation it is always acceptable to get a second opinion from a top Cataract Surgeon in your area.

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