Monday, August 8, 2011

Lens Implant Problem?

Question: I had Cataract Surgery about 3 months ago in my left eye and then the following month on the right eye. The left eye was very bad and my surgeon asked my husband and myself if I had taken a blow to the face or head that would have caused this to develop so quickly..No I didn't. Everything was fine until last week when I went swimming and jumped in the water---when I got out I noticed a new floater that was shaped like a backwards "c" and was very dark compared to the other floaters that I have had for years. I have a relative who works for an eye doctor and called her. She said to get the the Cataract Surgeon because the very end part of the implant DOES have a piece on it like a backwards "c". My surgeon said that it had NOTHING to do with the surgery and that it could happen to anyone at my age (64). I also told him that if it is dark I have flashes of light from the left part of my left eye. He said that it would go away in 6 weeks . It is still the same after 2 weeks. Should I go to get another opinion? Is it possible that a piece of the implant became loose and is floating?

Answer: It is highly unlikely that the Lens Implant became dislocated and floating for many reasons-not the least of which is that would GREATLY disturb your vision and would be completely visible to your Cataract Surgeon. it is not possible to say for sure but the symptoms you are complaining of are consistent with a Vitreous Detachment and/or a Retinal Tear which may have occurred with the Vitreous Detachment. Assuming that your Cataract Surgeon thoroughly examined your Retina when you presented him or her with these complaints then they would see either of these problems. Now...jumping into a swimming pool may have caused this to happen if it caused a firm blow to your head or face...which could have happened. The floater symptoms and the flashes typically do in fact go away after some time without any treatment whatsoever if it is a Vitreous Detachment. However this can take more than 6 weeks in some cases. if you are uncomfortable with the diagnosis and explanation given to you by your Cataract Surgeon then it is not inappropriate to seek a second opinion with a top Cataract Surgeon to be reassured.

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