Monday, August 29, 2011

Cataract Surgery after Retinal Detachment

Question: I have had a retinal detachment and have a cataract that needs to be removed. Will cataract surgery work for me?

Answer: Cataract Surgery after a Retinal Detachment is possible and can provide good results with certain caveats. First it is important to know whether the Retinal Detachment you experienced included a detachment of the Macula or center of vision. If it did, then it is important to know the level of best corrected visual acuity you achieved after your Retinal Detachment surgery in order to determine the risk/benefit ratio of Cataract Surgery in your case. Second, your Retina must be anatomically stable and well attached without the presence of other risk factors for another detachment, or those risk factors will need to be treated is they exist. The determination of the status of the Retina and the risk of another detachment from the Cataract operation will be determined by your Retina Surgeon in consultation with your Cataract Surgeon. Once they have discussed their opinions then together they can recommend whether a Cataract removal is safe and will be effective for you.

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