Friday, February 15, 2013

Monovision Cataract Surgery & Astigmatism

Question: Is monovision cataract surgery for near vision possible if you have astigmatism?

Answer: Monovision cataract surgery to help you with near vision correction after cataract surgery is certainly a possible option for many people. Depending on what your near vision requirements and demands are and what your expectations are it is possible to find monovision cataract surgery using astigmatism correcting toric lens implants a good solution. This does require very careful measurements and calculations as well as meticulous lens implant selection and placement. In addition, if you have no previous experience with monovision contact lenses it would be important to have a trial with them if your vision allows in order to determine your tolerance to defocus which is a predictor of monovision correction success. Your most appropriate next step is to schedule a cataract exam and consultation with the best cataract surgeon you can find in your area-and it may be helpful to find a cataract surgeon who is also a refractive surgeon as they may be a bit more experienced in providing specialized refractive solutions such as monovision. 

Feel free to check out our blog and LASIK website too for a great discussion on astigmatism.

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