Monday, February 25, 2013

Cataract Not Ripe & Clear Vision

Question: I have a cataract that isn’t ripe and wear progressive lenses. About 4-5 months ago I noticed that I have to take my glasses off to see at a distance and I can see clear as a bell. What would be the reason I can see clearly without my glasses?

Answer: What you are describing is often referred to as “second sight’ and accompanies cataract development of certain types in farsighted people. If you have been farsighted and required glasses, as the cataract forms in the “nucleus” of the crystalline lens of the eye, it is often results in a shift toward becoming nearsighted and thus offsets the farsightedness rendering your distance vision clear without correction for some period of time. However, this does indicate that the crystalline lens is changing and indicates the progression of the cataracts. Even though you might be seeing clearly it is likely that colors are becoming faded, you might notice glare and light sensitivity and difficulty in dim or dark illumination which further indicate the progression of cataracts.

Now, the notion that a cataract has to be “ripe” in order to be removed is completely outdated. Today, with modern cataract surgery and lens implants it is possible to remove a cataract and replace it with a permanent clear lens implant as soon as you personally feel like your vision or mobility are compromised. You need to find the best cataract surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation BEFORE your vision is so disturbed as to cause you more serious symptoms.

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