Monday, February 11, 2013

Cataract Surgery, Astigmatism, Eyeglasses & Flomax

Question: I have astigmatism and take Flomax and need to have cataract surgery on both eyes. I have been wearing progressive lens glasses for 20 years and am very happy using this type of eyewear. Is it possible to have surgery and still use progressive lens eyeglasses after? I take Flomax. How much before the cataract surgery should I stop taking Flomax? Is it better to have the surgery done by the new laser assisted method or the "old" fashion way. Will it be possible to have 20/20 vision after the surgery while using progressive lens eyeglasses?

Answer: It is quite possible to continue wearing progressive addition spectacle lenses to correct your near and intermediate vision as well as your astigmatism should you so desire. It is also possible to have an astigmatism correcting toric lens implant in which case your distance vision could very well be clear enough to not be dependent on eyeglasses for seeing far away at all. This is entirely your choice. If your eyes are otherwise healthy-especially the retina and cornea-it may very well be possible to achieve 20/20 with the progressive lenses after cataract surgery. Now, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you discontinue your Flomax until you have discussed this with your cataract surgeon and your urologist. Your cataract surgeon will ABSOLUTELY need to be involved as there are surgical procedure modifications to be employed when someone has taken Flomax prior to cataract surgery. They will advise you of whether and when to alter your medication. Either traditional or laser cataract surgery can produce good results for you in the hands of a skilled cataract surgeon.

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