Monday, July 23, 2012

Red Spot after Cataract Surgery

Question: My mother had cataract surgery last week and now has a small red spot is in her eye today. She has no pain and can see great. What could it be? 

Answer: It is impossible to know what the red spot that you can see on her is actually is, but one would guess that it is a small broken blood vessel-called a subconjunctival hemorrhage-that occurs in the very fine blood vessels in the clear thin layer of tissue called the conjunctiva. This can happen from simply manipulating the conjunctiva during surgery or even from sneezing or coughing. If it is a subconjunctival hemorrhage it may appear to get worse and spread around the surface of the eye and then spontaneously get better. The key things to be cautious about are of course are, as you say, there should be no pain, no discharge, no light sensitivity or any signs or symptoms of inflammation and the vision should remain stable and good. If any of these become a noticeable problem or the vision changes then you need to visit her Cataract Surgeon right away. 

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