Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crystalens® Lens Implant Double Vision

Question: I had cataract surgery with the Crystalens® Lens Implant 3 weeks ago and now have double vision. My immediate double vision was explained that the muscle had been injected with anesthesia and the double vision would disappear in a few days. This has not been the case and I continue to have a problem with focusing with both eyes. Covering one eye I have clear vision, with the uncovered eye. The unoperated eye is ok with glasses. I feel disoriented, as depth perception is off. My cataract surgeon is away and the replacement eye doctor told me everything if fine and it will go away. Will it? How much longer?

Answer: If in fact you had an anesthesia injection in the muscle cone, any effects would have disappeared after a few days at most. It does take patients some time after having Cataract Surgery with a Crystalens® Lens Implant to relearn how to focus and unless you have the Crystalens® in BOTH eyes it can be very annoying to adjust the focus. It is entirely possible that you will need to have the Crystalens® in the second eye as adapting to any near vision correcting Lens Implant in one eye can be a real challenge and could cause double vision. Your best course of action would be to return to your primary Cataract Surgeon and discuss the double vision and see what he or she recommends as a solution.

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