Friday, April 6, 2012

Light Streaks after Cataract Surgery

Question: I had cataract surgery 2 weeks ago and now see streaks of light. I see one long left to right line and a shorter up and down line at every bright point source of light. When will this subside?

Answer: It is difficult to actually know the exact cause of what you are experiencing and thus what length of time it might take to subside. But here is some general information that might be helpful. A temporal line or shadow or flicker is often described by patients after Cataract Surgery.

It goes away.

As long as your Cataract Surgeon has examined you and determined that there is no Retinal cause, then in all likelihood what you are experiencing is due to either internal reflections from the lens implant or its edge, or perhaps a crease or a fold in the posterior capsule that is left in place to support the Lens Implant.

Different edge designs of Lens Implants are implicated more often than others. Once the Lens Implant and posterior capsule settle with the capsule stiffening and less movement occurring the visual symptoms usually go away. Sometimes it can take weeks-sometimes months.

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