Friday, April 6, 2012

Cataract Surgery-Never Too Old!

“From time to time patients or their relatives ask if a family member is just too old for cataract surgery,” commented Corneal Specialist & Norwalk Cataract Surgeon Leslie Doctor, M.D. of Doctor & Associates in Fairfield County, Connecticut. “If we do a cataract evaluation and find that their vision is indeed compromised from cataracts rather than other eye problems, conditions or diseases, we will give the patient the okay to proceed with cataract surgery if it is interfering with their quality of life-regardless of their age,” stated Dr. Leslie Doctor.
After enduring a decade of poor vision, 109-year-old Guo Liansheng has been given back her sight by having Cataract Surgery with a Lens Implant, potentially setting the new world record for the Oldest Cataract Surgery Patient. Madam Guo was keen to move quickly so she would be able to see members from five generations of her family, who would be visiting for the Year of the Dragon New Year celebrations. The surgery is now pending a Guinness World Record for World's Oldest Cataract Surgery Patient.

“A patient’s chronological age is, not in and of itself, a reason not to have a cataract removed, if it is causing them to avoid the daily activities they need or want to do and especially if it results in a challenge to their getting around safely,” noted Corneal Specialist & Baltimore Cataract Surgeon Brad Spagnolo, M.D. of Baltimore Washington Eye Center. “Of course, we want to be certain that older patients are free of retinal diseases such as age related macular degeneration that might prevent getting the best and most predictable results.”

“As our cataract surgery and lens implant procedures have evolved and become more and more patient friendly with easier and shorter recovery time, age has become less of an obstacle for those thinking about having a cataract removed at almost any age,” emphasized Oklahoma Cataract Surgeon Darrell Pickard, M.D. of McGee, Pickard & Robinson Eye Associates in Midwest City, Oklahoma. “Our patients want to be able to get around safely and comfortably. Pretty much at any age, if a cataract is preventing them from doing so, we are happy to consider their eye health and vision and determine if cataract surgery is a good choice for them,” said Dr. Pickard.

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