Sunday, July 17, 2011

Night Vision after Cataract Surgery

Question: I'm 43 and had Cataract Surgery three years ago, mainly due to night time vision with multiple lights, actually 5 different lights for every actual one. After surgery I complained that the night vision was different, but not better. I now have a star effect and blurring of night lights. I was told to use drops. I have and it has made little if no difference. What else can I do? Or how do I get my Cataract Surgeon to listen?

Answer: As you had difficulties with night vision prior to your Cataract operation and now have additional but different complaints, it might be time to get a second opinion as to why you have the vision problems that you experience. While there can be a number of causes of starburst vision at night and blurring at night it is impossible to determine without a thorough examination including specialized testing to measure any aberrations in your eye, the condition of the Iris or colored part of your eye, the condition and integrity of the posterior lens capsule and the position and integrity of the intraocular lens implant (IOL) to name a few. Your next step should be to find a top Cataract Surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation for a second opinion.

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