Friday, July 8, 2011

Anesthesia and Cataract Surgery

Question: I am in need of Cataract Surgery and am very nervous I would like to know can you find a doctor who uses general anesthesia.

Answer: For the vast majority of patients-even nervous patients-it is rarely necessary to use general anesthesia as there are many excellent options to calm you and help you to be relaxed during Cataract Surgery. However, should general anesthesia be necessary and be a strong preference after discussing the situation with your Cataract Surgeon, depending on your overall health and physical condition, it is possible to use general anesthesia for Cataract Surgery. You should the find the best Cataract Surgeon in your area and frankly discuss your concerns with them as they will want you to be comfortable and have the best possible results from your Cataract procedure.

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