Thursday, July 28, 2011

Contact Lens Wear after Cataract Surgery

Question: I had Cataract Surgery 10 months ago but it did not correct my distance vision. It is great for reading and close up. I wear an Acuvue® daily lens on my other eye to correct the distance vision. Can I put a daily wear lens on the eye that has had the Cataract Surgery to improve my vision for driving?
Answer: Since you need to wear a contact lens on your unoperated eye to see clearly at distance it indicates that you are nearsighted in that eye. Your Cataract Surgeon corrected the vision in the eye that had the Cataract Surgery to a similar level of nearsighted distance vision as the unoperated eye so that you would not have an optical imbalance. If your Cornea is healthy in the operated eye there is no reason that the distance vision in that eye can't be corrected with a contact lens as well. But-when you have contact lenses correcting both eyes for distance you will most likely require some type of reading glasses for near vision.

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