Saturday, May 7, 2011

White Spots after Cataract Surgery

Question: My dad had cataract surgery and after this his vision was blurred with white spots. The eye doctor then put a small opening in the lens, which I think might be what is the YAG laser capsulotomy but his vision is still blurred with white spots. Is this something that can be treated and what should he do?

Answer: You do not state whether the white spots your Dad sees are fixed and stable or floating and move around. In either case it would be important for your Dad's Cataract Surgeon to fully evaluate the reason for the continued spots and blur and identify whether the cause is in the Vitreous body behind the Lens Implant, the Lens Implant itself or perhaps in the Retina in particular the Macula. Your Dad's symptoms should be thoroughly reviewed with the Cataract Surgeon. If he or she is unable to provide a satisfactory answer then it might be worthwhile to schedule a second opinion with a top Cataract Surgeon in your area.

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