Monday, May 23, 2011

Cataract Surgery and Lens Material Left Behind

Question: After cataract surgery I had to have another surgery to remove left behind lens material. I do not really understand how this happened or why. Is this unusual? Why me?

Answer: Leaving behind some small amount of lens cortex is unusual but happens from time to time. The incidence of this complication is approximately 0.02% after cataract surgery. Modern Cataract Surgery is quite safe and effective. It is highly complex, utilizes sophisticated technology and requires meticulous care and skill to deliver the outcomes and results we have to come to expect. As with any surgery there are always risks and potential cataract surgery complications that can occur due to whatever sets of anatomical and physiological variations exist from patient to patient. The diagnosis and action by your Cataract Surgeon reflect the necessary course to get you the best possible results and avoid an untoward inflammation or other secondary complications. Following his or her clinical advice will likely produce the best results for you.

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