Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cataract Surgery Cost Details

The cost of cataract surgery is usually well covered by insurance or Medicare depending on your age. However it is important to fully understand what portion of the charges for cataract surgery costs you might actually have to cover out of pocket. Generally, while your preoperative cataract evaluation and measurements might be covered by insurance or Medicare, it is possible that you will need to pay a co-pay or a deductible depending on your policy and coverage. If you need to have a physical examination with your personal physician before your cataract procedure, you may have to pay a co-pay or a deductible for this visit. If you require ordinary anesthesia rather than eye drop anesthesia for your cataract removal, their may be a co-pay or deductible for this as well. Last, insurance companies and Medicare ask your Cataract Surgeon to bill you separately for the more advanced technology Lens Implants used to correct astigmatism or to correct near vision after cataract surgery. The cost of astigmatism correcting lens implants can range from $900-$1200 per eye and the cost of the near vision presbyopia correcting lens implants can range from $1500-$300 per eye as the cost that the manufacturers charge for these lens implants is $600-1200 more per eye and they require more extensive measurements as part of your cataract consultation.

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