Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cataracts and Near Vision

Cataracts can affect your vision in many ways. The most obvious is by causing a blurring or a clouding of your vision. Usually this is noticed for seeing distant objects and especially in dim illumination light such as for night driving or at dusk. But cataracts can also affect your near vision. Cataracts can cause that same type of overall blurriness for your near vision as for your far vision. But certain types of Cataracts can make your near vision appear to improve rather than get worse. Nuclear sclerotic Cataracts can cause the Crystalline Lens of your eye to change shape in such a way that you actually become more nearsighted. As the term implies, "nearsightedness" means you can actually see well at near for up close objects such as reading. This can give the impression that by simply changing your eyeglasses you have eliminated the problem. However, this is not the case because as the Cataract progresses your vision will no longer be correctable with eyeglasses or contacts and will require Cataract Surgery to correct your vision. A feeling that you need a change in eyeglass prescription may be a sign of Cataracts. To find out for sure, consult a Cataract Surgeon for a thorough evaluation.

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