Monday, January 26, 2015

Laser Cataract Surgery with High Myopia

Question: I have very high myopia, greater than 15 diopters of correction, and need cataract surgery. My plan is to have retina treatment prior to the cataract surgery. My question is does laser cataract surgery provide significant improvement in my case over conventional cataract surgery?

Answer:  First, the fact that you are proactively addressing any retina issues prior to your cataract surgery is a good, conservative plan. Once you are cleared for cataract surgery and in experienced hands, then your outcome should be good whether done with conventional cataract surgery or by laser cataract surgery. What we know is that laser cataract surgery offers greater precision and allows the surgeon to use lower power settings when actually removing the cataract by phacoemulsification. Thus, laser cataract surgery tends to be “gentler” on the eye overall. In consideration of this, IF you have the option of laser cataract surgery-OR any options to refine the outcome and deliver the procedure in a gentler manner, you should strongly consider taking advantage of these options.

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