Monday, January 26, 2015

Discomfort after Lens Implants

Question:  Two months ago I had an AcrySof® IQ Toric IOL, Model: SN6AT3-power 26.0D implanted in my left eye after removing cataracts.  According to the doctor all is good, BUT my eye feels heavy, at the bottom edge it feels like there is an eyelash or something in there and it gets blood shot very easily as well as it seems to blur over and I have to blink. In fact I am blinking a lot more than usual. I had same lens implant in my right eye with power: 22.5 D and there is no problem. Do you have any suggestions?  I appreciate your help.

Answer: Without a clinical exam it is impossible to tell why you are symptomatic. However, the types of symptoms you relay suggest that you have a dry eye problem. Typically we would see dry eyes in BOTH eyes but it is possible that due to the anatomy of your eyelids in the left eye or some temporary interference with the corneal nerves from the cataract surgery in left eye, this is the one that bothers you. You best next step is to visit your cataract surgeon and express the discomfort as you have done here. If he or she is not able to offer any help then seek a second opinion.

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