Friday, January 10, 2014

Too Old for Cataract Surgery

Question:  My mother is 92 years old. She has a little heart trouble, but is generally pretty healthy. Her cataracts have left her vision very poor and getting worse. Is she too old for the cataract surgery?

Answer: The answer simply is NO-she is not too old for cataract surgery. Here is why. First if the health of eyes is otherwise good-especially the center of the retina or the macula-and her overall health is good she will most likely have a good result. But, the results are more than just her vision. Vision loss in seniors is a significant cause of physical and psychological decline. That is, vision loss in seniors really affects quality of life. Find the best cataract surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation for her. If the cataract surgeon feels that she will do well then strongly consider the benefits to her mobility, safety and social interactions improved vision can give her! Best of luck!

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