Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monovision Lens Implant & Distance Vision

Question: I had toric lens put in right eye during cataract surgery with no since I still have to wear glasses for distance. I'm considering monovision lens for left eye so I can still read without glasses. If I do this will glasses enable the left eye to see distance clearly?

Answer: First, if you still need to wear glasses with the toric lens implant for distance, you need to find out why and whether there is a solution to get you seeing better. It is important to know the reason and understand whether it has anything to do with the lens implant, the cataract surgery or the health of your eye-especially the retina. Second, if you now correct the left eye for near-NO-you will not be able to see clearly at distance with the left eye. You need to get better answers from your cataract surgeon and if you are not satisfied seek a second opinion. 

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