Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wandering Eye & Cataract Surgery

Question: I recently had cataract surgery on my right eye and now have 20/30 vision. My left eye is almost totally opaque and wanders off to the left. My surgeon says cataract surgery would certainly result in double vision. Is this 100% likely?

Answer: If the opaque eye has been amblyopic and thus really functioned poorly prior to the lens becoming cloudy, then cataract removal wouldn’t cause diplopia but of course would result in limited vision. But, this would still allow a better view into the eye to monitor its health overall. If it has drifted more recently and the eye had good vision in the past, then there is the opportunity to rehabilitate it with cataract surgery and then perform muscle surgery afterward to correct the diplopia. You need to have a second opinion with a cataract surgeon is willing to offer you this option if t is possible in your case.

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