Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shimmering after Cataract Surgery

Question: I had left eye cataract surgery 3 weeks ago. If I turn my head slightly to the left or right or look down, my vision is clear, the problem is when I look straight ahead my eye has a flickering or shimmering movement and blurred. Will this clear up on its own-it’s really annoying?

Answer: Shimmering and flickering after cataract surgery and a lens implant is not uncommon. There is some thought that it is the result of the edge and geometric shape of the lens implant and some resultant reflections. In almost all instances people adapt to the sensation and it becomes unnoticeable over time-please be patient. HOWEVER, if it is accompanied by floaters, a “bubble” in your vision, distortion or bending of your vision or the sensation of a curtain or veil before your eyes please contact your cataract surgeon immediately as this suggests the onset of a more serious retina problem.

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