Monday, January 21, 2013

Multifocal Lens Implants & Near Vision

Question: I am having cataract surgery but can’t decide whether to have multifocal lens implants. I do not always need my glasses to read and when I do I wear minimal eye wear for reading.  Should I spend $7000 for multifocal lens implants as they might cause haloes around lights?

Answer: Since you are able to read pretty well with minimal correction, it suggests that you are mildly nearsighted in at least one eye prior to your cataract surgery. If you have cataract surgery and the lens implant prescription is calculated to render your distance vision as close to 20/20 as possible-thus eliminating the  nearsightedness-you will no longer no able to see up close and read without bifocals or reading glasses. Your options are to discuss with your Cataract Surgeon the possibility of creating the same type of refractive errors that you have now so as to remain a bit nearsighted-which may very well require a mild correction for seeing clearly at distance-or to select multifocal lens implants which provide an extended range of clear vision. In some designs and for some patients they do experience glare and haloes although in most instances this goes away.

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