Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Laser Cataract Surgery & ReSTOR Multifocal Lens Implants

Question: I had LASIK surgery with cataract removal and ReSTOR® Lens Implants in both eyes in past 2 weeks. One eye sees clearly for distance, but still blurry near vision. The second eye done one week ago is still very blurry for near and far, my cataract surgeon says they are not worried, but I am.  I can't see well at all, reading and all activities are an issue. Can someone tell me approximately how long this takes as I was told I would have clear vision at all distances?

Answer: First, it is not likely that you had LASIK surgery. It is more likely that you had laser cataract surgery, cataract removal and lens implants using the ReSTOR® Multifocal Lens Implant. If this is the case, and you and your eyes are otherwise healthy then one would expect that there would be rather good distance vision in each eye within just a few days after the surgery on that eye and that there would be at least decent near vision for reading and close vision tasks within a couple of weeks as you adapt. The multifocal lens implants do require and adaptation period to see comfortably, however one would expect some consistency and improvement in relatively short order. Your cataract surgeon may not be concerned because he or she sees the eyes quieting down and expects a good outcome but perhaps in a slightly or moderately greater length of time. That’s said, if you are not happy with the vision after your cataract surgery and lens implants within a 4-6 week period you deserve to have an explanation and plan to improve it that is reasonable.

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