Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Toric Lens Implant Double Image

Question: I just had cataract surgery and an astigmatism correcting toric lens implant. Now I have a double image in that eye. My cataract surgeon has checked it twice and doesn't seem too concerned. I don't like any of this. I think the lens isn't positioned properly. How long does the doctor have after surgery before repositioning the lens isn't an option? How long should she wait after the first surgery before using another surgery to reposition the lens?

Answer: The direct answer to your question is that within three months is the preferred time for safest and easiest manipulation of the Lens Implant or even a lens implant exchange, however it can be done beyond that time as well. However, while it is admirable that you believe that the Lens Implant position is the cause of the double image, your personal diagnostic skills may not be quite as good as those of your Cataract Surgeon, as she observes with the slit lamp biomocroscope and visualizes the Lens Implant orientation marks for placement precision. Further there are other clinical reasons for a double image that may include a fine crease in the posterior lens capsule or a host of other reasons. Your best course of action is to follow your Cataract Surgeon's instructions and keep her abreast of your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your vision. If however you do not trust or believe her opinion, you should find the best Cataract Surgeon you can and schedule an appointment for a second opinion which is never inappropriate.

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