Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Droopy Eyelid after Cataract Surgery

Question: My mom had cataract surgery about 25 days ago.  We have noticed the upper eyelid is now droopy or perhaps swollen.  Is this normal or a side effect of the surgery?

Answer: In the past it was quite common to use something called a "bridle suture" during Cataract Surgery to stabilize the eye movements during the procedure. This technique did result in a droopy eyelid or, what is referred to as ptosis, from time to time. While not terribly popular today it could have used during your mom's Cataract Surgery. Also, if for whatever reason, a "superior approach" for the procedure was used rather than a "temporal approach"-meaning performing the procedure from above rather than from the side-it is also possible that some eyelid swelling and drooping could occur.More often than not, when patients claim their eyelid is drooping it is really just the discovery of preexisting eyelid asymmetry that becomes "noticeable" when the patient is no longer wearing glasses. If it seems to persist or become worse bring it to the attention of your mom's Cataract Surgeon so he or she can evaluate it and comment.

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