Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Double Vision after Cataract Surgery

Question: I recently had cataract surgery on both of my eyes and had lens implants as well. The first surgery went very well but the second surgery left me with double vision. I have found out that I have a prism, but never had double vision. My doctor said there was nothing he could do and told me I would have to always wear glasses.
Answer: It is not obvious from your question whether you were wearing a prism in your glasses before your Cataracts were removed. If you have a long term history of wearing a prism, then you may very well need to continue to wear the prism in eyeglasses. If, you were not wearing prism, and if the onset of the double vision has been recent, then you need to find out why. It is possible, but not likely that Cataract Surgery for the second eye caused you suddenly develop diplopia or double vision, but rather the diplopia is due to some underlying cause that needs examination and diagnosis. Again, if prior to Cataract Surgery you had a prism prescription to compensate for a muscle imbalance then having Cataracts removed would still require that you wore the prism. You best course of action is to consider a second opinion with a top Cataract Surgeon to evaluate whether there is anything that might be slightly out of line with the Cataract Surgery, the Lens Implant or perhaps the Retina that could be contributing-or whether there is some other underlying issue.

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