Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cataract Removal in Only Eye

Question: I have only one functioning eye and it now has a cataract. I'm considering the removal of a cataract in my right eye. I rarely drive at night anymore and distance vision is a real problem. My concern is that my right eye is my only functioning eye. I understand there are always risks. Should I have it removed?

Answer: The concern and anxiety you express regarding having Cataract Surgery in your only good eye is reasonable and expected-and likely shared by most top Cataract Surgeons. You are correct in that with any surgery there is always the risk of complications, no matter how small. It would not be inappropriate to seek referral from your primary care physician as well as friends regarding finding the best cataract Surgeons in your area and scheduling a consultation with 1-2. Discuss your concerns and inquire what they will propose to endure that you will have an uncomplicated Cataract removal and Lens Implant procedure. Something you should know however is that the longer you wait and the more dense the Cataract becomes-the more difficult it can be to operate on and the greater the potential complication rate. So-if this is something you need to do or are seriously considering, you should proceed and not allow the Cataract to become too dense.

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