Monday, February 3, 2014

Light Flashes & Floaters after Cataract Surgery

Question: I had cataract surgery 5 months ago on my right eye and am still bothered by flashes of light and floaters. I had been sensitive to sunlight and problems with night driving and my ophthalmologist suggested that I have cataract surgery to correct my distance vision.  I took his advice, he did the surgery and I have regretted ever since. My distance vision of course has improved but the flashing and fluttering that I am experiencing in the outer corner of my eye causes me much frustration. I also am experiencing more floaters than I previously had.  I have returned to his office and have been examined as recent as a month ago but he informs me that I have astigmatism and this is as good as I can expect. The eye examination was done without dilation.  My vision was so much better 5 months ago.  Please inform as to what my recourse is. 

Answer: You do not state whether your cataract surgery was uncomplicated or whether there were cataract surgery complications during your surgery that may have predisposed you to the ongoing flashes of light, floaters or fluttering. Assuming that it was an uneventful cataract operation it is not uncommon for many patients-perhaps 30-50%-who have cataract surgery, to experience a condensation, shrinkage and even a detachment of the vitreous gel, which does often cause the symptoms you describe. In almost all instances these symptoms pass after several months and become unnoticeable. These particular symptoms are not likely to be related to the astigmatism. In addition some patients experience some “light effects’ as they adapt to the vision with a lens implant. For you own satisfaction it might be worth considering getting a second opinion on the status of your vision with a top cataract surgeon in your area.   

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