Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cataract Lens Implant Exchange

Question: A local cataract surgeon operated on right eye for cataract and inserted a Bausch & Lomb Lens Model PC LI61AO, length 13.00mm. Optic 6.00mm, power +22.50, to allow reading computer screen without glasses, which made my sight worse-not better.  Can is this lens be removed and if so, what kind of lens replacement should be used?

Answer: Depending on how long ago the initial cataract surgery was performed and whether there were any complications, if the position and condition of the tissue around the lens implant is healthy and intact-it might be possible to remove and exchange the lens implant. It is impossible for anyone other than your cataract surgeon-or other taking current measurements- to know what lens implant it should exchanged for as for best results it requires your initial measurements and calculations as well as the exact distance you wish to have clear vision for, calculated in the implant power along with the current refractive status.

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