Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aspheric or Monofocal Lens Implants?

Question: I will be going in to have my eye evaluated for cataract surgery. I will have to choose a lens implant. I would like to be fitted with a monofocal lens implant and then use eyeglasses with progressive lenses. Would using aspheric lens implants be more beneficial than regular monofocal lens implants?

Answer: An aspheric lens implant is actually a monofocal lens implant in that it has only one focal length and thus in general only corrects distance vision. A monofocal lens implant is a somewhat old design in that it simply doesn’t give the best vision-especially in terms of dim illumination. Thus, today, if patients have cataract surgery and wish to wear any type of near vision eyeglasses, the best vision is achieved with aspheric lens implants. There are a few instances where the aberrations of your eyes might make an aspheric lens implant and inappropriate choice but this is somewhat unusual and when you have your cataract surgery evaluation your cataract surgeon will certainly evaluate you and recommend the best choice.

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