Monday, March 4, 2013

Monovision Cataract Surgery & Lens Implant Result

Question: I had cataract surgery one week ago and I had a Tecnis® Lens Implant for near vision in my left eye, with cataract surgery planned in a few weeks for far vision in my right eye.  The problem is that after one week my left eye is seeing well at a distance but blurry for near.  Is this a mistake on my cataract surgeon's part with calculation or does this happen? I'm 63 years old and had been wearing one contact lens for years for monovision, so I was a good candidate and was looking forward to the same after cataract surgery.  My cataract surgeon talked about inserting another lens (piggyback) to help but I am wondering what to do.

Answer: By a week or so after your cataract surgery and lens implant, if you were supposed to have the  focus of the  first lens implant set for near vision you should actually be experiencing the  desired effect of blur at distance and greater clarity at near distances. If you are not getting this effect you need to bring it to the attention of you cataract surgeon prior to have the cataract surgery and lens implant in the right eye. Typically it should be possible to mimic the  near and far monovision you achieved with contact lenses in the  lens implant calculations. 

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