Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Multifocal Lens Implant for Artist

Question: I have poor distance vision and am due for cataract surgery shortly. An artist by profession I need good all round vision. However I have not coped well with multifocal spectacles and wonder whether the Lentis Mplus Multifocal Lens Implant that I have been offered may not suit me. I do not wish to experience alterations in my color vision or my area of vision to be restricted. I already suffer with glare and halos and poor night vision and was hoping that cataract surgery would get rid of this. Would I be better off choosing a standard lens implant and using glasses for close up work? What would my mid-distance vision be like?

Answer: As an artist you certainly have more demanding vision requirements than the average person, thus your caution and concern in choosing a lens implant after cataract surgery is well founded. That said, multifocal lens implants are very complex optical systems and ALL multifocal lens implants have optical limitations which do present some compromise to vision quality depending on their specific design. For this reason you should strongly consider having the lens implant with the BEST possible optics even though it may require that you wear eyeglasses for near or intermediate vision. This will likely be an aspheric wavefront optimized design that minimizes or eliminates aberrations including spherical aberration and chromatic aberration. Please discuss this with your cataract surgeon who can assist in the choice of lens implant and help you determine the working distances that will require eyeglasses.

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