Thursday, September 20, 2012

Toric Lens Implant Option

Question: I had cataract surgery and a lens implant on my right eye. The cataract surgeon dilated my eyes before surgery and I do have a astigmatism. Shouldn't I have had the toric lens implant? 

Answer: The decision and necessity of having a Toric Lens Implant with Cataract Surgery really depends on more than simply having astigmatism. The appropriateness depends on the amount and direction of astigmatism in the prescription itself, the amount and direction of the astigmatism created by the shape of the cornea as well as the location of the surgical incision to be made for the Cataract Surgery itself. That said, if it were necessary to have a Toric Lens Implant it is highly likely that your cataract Surgeon would have suggested this option.

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