Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Light Sensitive after Cataract Surgery

Question: After cataract surgery I am so light sensitive that I now have to wear two pairs of sunglasses in order to drive. I never had any problem with sun glare before cataract surgery. This is miserable. What is wrong? I also now have double vision in that eye without glasses.

Answer: Being light sensitive during the short term recovery time after Cataract Surgery is not uncommon. The key being "shortly". If light sensitivity persists for a significant time after your Cataract removal, then one has to be sure that there is no ongoing low level inflammation inside the eye. If it has been some time since the surgery, then you need to return to your Cataract Surgeon and explain your discomfort and the situation and it is possible that you may require some additional eye drops or there may be some other reason for prolonged light sensitivity. Regarding the double vision after Cataract Surgery, you do not state whether it is monocular diplopia-that is occurring in one eye, or binocular diplopia that occurs when both eyes are open. There are many reasons for each-however if it is indeed remediated by the use of your glasses then it most likely has an optical cause. You should also discuss this with your Cataract Surgeon especially if it is of recent onset.

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