Thursday, January 12, 2012

Haloes after Cataract Surgery

Question: Is it normal to experience large halo effect around objects after cataract surgery?

Answer: Your question about haloes after Cataract Surgery is difficult to answer as we do not have some important information including how long ago your Cataract operation was performed and what type of Lens Implant was used. While one would not necessarily call it "normal", it is entirely possible to have haloes after Cataract Surgery that vary in cause depending on how long after the Cataract was removed they occur. Haloes in the short term can be due to some corneal edema or swelling. In the longer term haloes after Cataract Surgery can be due to posterior capsular opacification among other reasons. It is a common side effect of certain near vision correcting multifocal implants to also cause the potential haloes you describe based on their optical designs. All of these reasons aside, haloes after Cataract Surgery are almost always temporary and should not persist. If they are excessively annoying or are lasting for any length of time you should discuss this with your Cataract Surgeon who can give you a specific cause and remediation as needed.

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