Tuesday, February 2, 2010

San Francisco Cataract Surgeon William Ellis, M.D. Joins Cataract Surgery Education Web Network

William Ellis, M.D. of Ellis Eye Center with locations for cataract surgery in San Francisco, cataract surgery in San Jose and cataract surgery in the East Bay Oakland area in has joined the cataracts, cataract surgery and intraocular lens implant patient education website http://www.aboutcataractsurgery.com.

The site offers patients up to date facts and information about symptoms of cataracts, the cataract surgery procedure, lens implants and detailed patient friendly information about the cataract surgery experience, types of lens implants to consider, how to prepare for cataract surgery, cataracts & astigmatism and complications of cataract surgery. It is designed to help patients with cataracts understand their condition and provide them with questions to discuss with their cataract surgeon in order to help them make the best eye care choices.

Patients considering cataract surgery in San Francisco can visit the Cataract Surgeon Directory and will be pleased that Drs. Wade and Mayo have joined this site to help give patients access to the things they need to know.

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